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keep your concrete pumps on-site

Maintenace costs are one thing but having your concrete pump off-line and off-site costs you and your company in more ways than one. Cut maintenece costs and keep your concrete pumps on-site, with an Australian designed concrete pump, engineered for Aussie standards, by Aussie concrete pumpers who know what pumpies need in a pump.

At Nexen Concrete Boom Pumps we are not selling you a production line machine that can be modified to fit any truck, we are selling a hand built custom machine that has been designed to fit perfectly to your specific truck. From start to finish each pump is built in the same location by the same people under strict supervison to ensure every small detail is accounted for, all construction and assembly from structural welding, electrics, hydraulics, painting, and paint oven are done in house to ensure quality EVERYTIME.

Model Sizes

15m Z3 Spider Boom

32m ZZ 5 Stage Concrete Pump Truck

20m CP 4 stage

32m ZZ 5 Stage compact pump

28m ZZ 4 stage

28m ZZ 4 Stage Concrete Pump Truck

32m ZZ 5 stage

32m ZZ 5 Stage Concrete Pump Truck

36m ZZ 4 stage

36m ZZ 4 Stage Concrete Pump Truck

38m ZZ 5 stage

38m ZZ 5 Stage Concrete Pump Truck

38m T-Leg ZZ 5 stage

38m T-Leg ZZ 5 Stage Concrete Pump Truck

44M ZZ 5 Stage

44m ZZ 5 Stage Concrete Pump Truck

48M ZR 5 Stage

48m ZR 5 Stage Concrete Pump Truck

52M ZR 5 stage

52m ZZ 5 Stage Concrete Pump Truck

Standard Features

We have a HUGE list of advanced features that come as standard.
Here's just a few:

“Big Mouth” S tube

With easy clean hopper saves you in costs and downtime

5” Twin Wall

Bigger Pipes for courser concrete with the boom full stretch

Advanced Controls

Intelligently designed controls for ease of operation

Endless Slew

allows the boom to rotate infinite ∞ degrees

Heavy duty pump module

Denser concrete needs a powerful pump

large volume water cleanout

large volume for water cleanouts

One Side support

For tight spots with out compromising on safety

Vynal wrap stickers

fully customised with your company’s logo on your pump.



Nexen concrete pumps are designed and built to carry 5” twin wall pipe. Our trucks have uncompromised stability with the boom fully extended (no need for gimmicks or weights to make up for small footprint − if you need to short leg just use the OSS fitted) while maintaining a low hopper height. And our unique Endless Slew for unlimited boom rotation means the boom is not hindered by the hoses during rotation, which allows for free operation, and the boom to be set up/ packed up from both sides.



Aluminium is used for all areas that are not structural to the concrete boom. Decks, timber racks, steps, tool boxes, and pad racks are frequently saturated, but aluminium construction eliminates rust and is light-weight, which saves on fuel, tyres and maintenance costs.


Australian Conditions

Nexen Concrete Boom Pumps are built to handle the Australian climate and our unique concrete mixes. Larger oil coolers (fitted on an efficient closed loop hydraulic circuit), state of the art hydraulics, and large oil tanks with hydraulic oil to suit Aussie conditions, keeps Nexen pumps running cooler for longer. All Nexen pumps are heavy duty and come with big mouth "S" tube, 60mm mixer shafts, 2 paddle motors, easy clean hopper, and high pressure piston cups - meaning they can tackle any concrete mix.


Operator friendly

Built with concrete pump operators in mind, our pumps are easy to operate, easy to diagnose and fix, and easily pump the roughest mix, so they can be run by operators of all experience levels.


Maintenance friendly

Nexen Concrete Boom Pumps are built for maximum reliability. They boast;
The best possible mean time-to-failure ,Simple operation and running
No complicated computers
Override switches to let you finish the job and fault-find later
A backup of each critical item to be used in the unlikely event of a problem



Our machines are built to last, not cost you in parts. They are fitted with all the best attachments, which means you pay no extra modification costs, and the lighter operating weights also mean lower maintenance and fuel costs.


Build quality

We’ve done the research so that you don’t have to. Our pumps are fitted with only the highest quality parts – all hydraulic pumps, grease pumps and valve banks are made in and imported from Germany instead of China. The boom and fabrication is all done in-house to strict standards, and built on perfect flat-surface plates. Our products will not be beaten on quality!


Next Generation

The above is just a small list of what we have done and the equipment we have added. To get a real idea would be to first show you (it will really take a full day to show you all we have done), then you can actually pump concrete with our demo machines.

At Nexen Concrete Boom Pumps we continue to strive for the best product in Australia and ask you to come and try our pumps and give feed back so we can continue to improve our machines.

Try a demo machine

We've built Australia's best concrete pump

Nexen was built on the idea of "What if you could have the best parts & features of all the other brands, without the flaws of the other brands?"

We've spent many years working as concrete pumpers ourselves, using different brands of concrete pump looking for: reliability, effiency, affordability, after sales savings, and maintenance efficiencies... We couldn't find the right pump

... So, we created Nexen - a concrete pump built by concrete pumpers, with designs from leading engineers, and a team who also have worked with other brands & manufacturers and wanted a product they could be proud of (not just copied old designs). No longer are the days where you have to buy a new "standard" concrete pump that needs further modification - we've built Australia's best concrete pump

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